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Yoni Mudra: Your Creative Potential


Hello all!

Asana ( physical practice ) is intended to prepare us for meditation. To clear the energy channels and open the body so that we can sit more comfortably. I had a class of all women the other day and offered a Yoni Mudra meditation at the end, and it was incredible, we all just stayed there.. in respect, in silence, in observation, in potential. Yoni in sanskrit actually stands for “the womb” or “the life force”… 


This meditation is not just for women to do, it is also for men who want to be connected to this Yin energy, the womb. I offer this wonderful meditative mudra to anyone open to trying meditation, or sitting.. these aren’t limited to home, either! Sometimes, when I feel I need to connect with my Yin, calming energy, I will pull this out in my car… in a park… etc.

Sit down in a comfortable position, cross legged if you can, interlace your fingers releasing your index and thumbs as pictured above, and rotate your hands so your index fingers are pointing down. You can either rest your mudra on your lap, or hold it wherever you feel called to. Heart, Belly, Womb.. you get the point.

Yoga has been proven to lighten up the right side of our brains, our creativity. This mudra and meditation is a chance to connect to not only to the divine woman that we are, but the creativity that can flow as well. Tap in!

On a similar note, I read this beautiful reading from the book “Ayurveda for Women” by Dr. Robert E. Svoboda, it is a great  book if you are interested in Ayurvedic medicine as a woman, and for understanding the importance of our bodies and cycles in creativity and grounding.

” Your Creative Potential”

Menstruation is itself a seasonal purification – a way a woman’s bodies and minds have of purifying themselves each month. Nature provides women with this serve for her own purposes, of course. She wants healthy children, to which end there is no substitute for healthy mothers.  A wise woman will work with Nature to take advantage of this natural monthly cleansing, so that both she and Nature can achieve their goals.  Nature does not want you to become pregnant each month; she does not even insist that you become pregnant at all. She does request, though, that your body and mind remain in regular contact with their roots, in that creativity in which females alone possess. Nature is happy for you to use your formative ability in any way you feel fit – for yourself or for others, to generate or to repair, to create or procreate. She becomes so pleased when you use that power to assist others, whether those others belong to you or not, that she will contribute her own power to you to addd to your own creativity. When you cute yourself off from your wellspring, you block Natures efforts to help and heal you – and this blockage will often display itself most vividly as some impediment in your menstrual flow.”



I Run : The Anahata Chakra



I run


I run

not to run away, but to strengthen my heart

to open space

to hold more blood with every inhale of my Superior Vena

to hold more space in my right atrium

and to exhale more strength out of my pulmonary artery

My lungs feel the strength


Strengthen your heart

Increase your oxygen

your arms can squeeze someone with steady ease and strength

increased blood increases serotonin

give love with a steady embrace


Feel anger and do not let it consume you

it pumps through your left side

you exhale it out your right

Align your heart

In the left, out the right







This is the Anahata Chakra in balance. 


Namaskar and Happy New Year

Wishing everyone another happy, healthy, and blessed year! 






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Beautifully Raw

Beautifully Raw

 beautiful naked woman among the grass

The woman’s body is a vessel

A raw and open structure

A sacred vessel to carry,

Carry the pain, the beauty

The losses and the gains


Sacred are the limbs of a woman

Her toes dance on the dirt and hands reach to the sky

Her flesh becomes the bark of a tree

Telling a story for the ancestors

That returns in the smoke of a fire


The beauty is ours to keep

The beauty is ours to share

The beauty is ours to serve


Sacred are the breasts of a woman

Blessed to be given the ability to nourish a new-born soul

Sacred are the hands of a woman

Blessed to be given the ability to give healing touch


The beauty is ours to keep

The beauty is ours to share

The beauty is ours to serve


We sway gracefully like the willow in the summer

Stand proud like an oak in the fall

Stand strong like the pine of the winter

Our hearts full like a maple in the spring


So sacred we must keep it

Drinking the plants from our mother earth

Feeding our souls with fruits from the garden

Strength we must receive from the mighty rivers,

And grace from the creeks which feed our rivers


Our nerves, we must keep attentive,

As to feel the pain, the sorrow, the joy of others

And so we can replenish our hearts with that joy

For God, the plants and the animals, the molecules we coexist with

For our one human family.


The beauty is ours to keep

The beauty is ours to share

The beauty is ours to serve


So nourish your body

Nourish your soul

Keep the heart open

Feel the blood flow from your toes

Through your spine

And to the crown of your head


The beauty is ours to keep

The beauty is ours to share

The beauty is ours to serve

Your ocean is always full; physiology in the sea

Raw form in which receptors send info to the brain is called sensation; the way our brains interpret info is called perception.


I asked my good yogi friend this morning over our daily fruit and muesli, “So, is it just the older you get the bigger the lessons get? I mean, you have more room for ‘error’ the older you get because the bigger your investments in life get. You travel internationally which puts you totally out of your first world safety zone, you might have a marriage, kids, love becomes deeper, things are more engrained, etc.. so the lessons are more harsh… makes sense, right?” I had also made a reference to recent events being giant screw up’s, on my part.

No need to name my current life lessons, but let’s just say, they are great in number and more searing than ever before.

Don’t get me wrong, I feel blessed beyond belief to be slapped in the face now and again by the universe; it really is a chance to grow… to go on in life with a new lesson. The bigger the problem, the more potential for growth.

She replied, “Well, I think you just become more aware. This is why we practice. These things aren’t screw ups, that is your self-critic telling you they are screw up’s. Listen to how you are speaking to yourself.”

All of the sudden the blessing felt like a blessing x100. Holy cow! This is my practice and work shining through into my life. If I didn’t practice Yoga, and work in wilderness therapy, I (which she so kindly reminded me of) probably would not have this awareness of all the things going on, impacting my daily life so much mentally and physically. It is also through the exploration of the yoga sutras, meditation, breath, the physical body (pratyahara), and all of the other lessons I learn from this practice where I have acquired the ability to practice Ahimsa and compassion towards myself, and others in times like these. No time or purpose for harsh thoughts or words. It is when I lose this practice and make excuses to get off track (i.e. stop meditating, pranayama, asanam, pratyahara…) and when I get off track, I let my self critic get the best of me and also, one of my faults, live for other people… whether that be approval, or love.

This living for other people’s love or approval is what causes the most pain of all. Fully exposed here! This one hurts the Ego to admit.

This brings me to an anatomical term I teach:

Sensory adaptation: ability to ignore unimportant stimuli (my self critic and my emotional reactions); allow brain to prioritize sensory input it receives to prevent being overwhelmed.

I’ve never felt more blessed to stumble upon a practice such as Yoga as I have now. From this practice, I am gaining the ability to step back and objectively look at what is real for me; where am I physiologically feeling this? Is this in my heart, my psoas, my solar plexus? Is this a reaction? In this deeper sense of awareness I begin to make decisions based on what’s real for me and me only, and I am better able to follow my intuition with trust in what is unfolding, even though I may not be totally comfortable with it right now… because my reactions in the past were to run away from it in some manner or react, rather than feel my fear, sit with it… and trust that this fear is real, and it’s something I need to deal with.

When I lose the ability to make decisions based on what’s true for me, I hurt others, and I get hurt (mentally and physically.)

I allow adjustments from teachers whom I respect even though it hurts me, so I get injured. I fall into false relationships and don’t release them in fear of hurting others. I do things for the love and approval of my father that aren’t true to me.

What’s the goal here then? To adapt to this journey, to learn, to move forth with the utmost integrity and love for myself and other beings, and to trust that I carry all that I need to do these things.

Although I may experience troughs and huge waves, my ocean is always full, and as long as I am in this body, in this world, I am here for a reason. My self-critic has been created in my mind from my processes in life previous to today, and I am only doing a disservice in letting it convince me that I am not already holy, and my ocean is not always full regardless of what waves or troughs are temporarily created.

So trust, trust in myself, trust in yourself, and trust in the will of the universe, God, Ishvara, Krishna, and the goodwill of others on the same path to carry you through.



Love and Light xo

Whether Evolved or Created…


As I was sitting on my stoop the other night, staring at the lizards feast on dinner as I do almost every night, I realized the responsibility I hold as a human.  India can wear on you, and it can leave you feeling overwhelmed as a human being.

Almost every night, I sit on my porch and read a book, listen to the sounds of the neighborhood, or enjoy some tunes as I watch the world go by as a way to wind down. Often times, I watch these lizards around my porch light move just a few i times to stick their tongue out and catch a bug.

I thought, this is most of this lizards existence. Hanging out around my light and eating bugs. I mean, I think there is a lot that we don’t know about animals, how they communicate, how they choose partners. I would love to think that while we aren’t looking they are having parties talking about us, but who knows! We are a different kind of intelligent.

No matter your opinion on whether or not we have evolved from primates or were created and set here by a God, one thing for certain is that we as humans have a very special capability to help others, feel others pain, share others joy, and create intelligent solutions to issues that our community (or tribe) faces.

So, maybe you are a single mother working three jobs trying to make ends meet. You might say, I am no scientist, I am trying to survive just like those lizards! So you are a scientist of love. You are a scientist of survival.

We have the ability to learn how to cultivate land in a sustainable way, and have compassion for those who are in a less fortunate situation than our own. Again, you could argue this for several animals who have been filmed and seen on those “cutest” wimp videos helping one another, or a dog rescuing a human from the street… even chimpanzees have created found their own medicine to cure a parasite by swallowing a special leaf folded in a certain way, which eliminates the ailment.

Here is the thing. I am sitting here typing on my computer, allowing my thoughts to flow on to a webpage that has the capability to reach anywhere from zero to millions of people. So here is for the kind souls who read this.

Take whatever gift you have and use it to help your fellow humans. If it is only a smile available that you can give to someone else, lend that smile. If your dream is to become a surgeon be that surgeon. 

Created or evolved, we have a unique opportunity that we have been given in this vessel we call the human body.

We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.
Mother Teresa 

If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.
Mother Teresa 

A Prayer to the Arabian Sea


And so it was

A day of pain, sorrow, and the unknown

And so it is a moon to make an offering

To this great abyss, this ocean of mystery and potential.

I walk, I tread lightly

so as to not disturb the mother too much.

Quiet, so she can hear my prayer.

Sweet mother I offer you this cedar oil,

In hopes you may offer it back to my flesh and soul as strength,

For the times to come.

May it find me again, be a wave, a river, rain, or

the sweet morning dew.

Sweet mother, I offer this feather,

As you may carry it as swiftly or slowly as you please,

As guidance to a dear friend,

By spirit of the eagle.

Sweet mother I offer you this turmeric,

So that you may help heal the wounds split open

By my presence,

And may it also heal any other being in need.

May you bless all the people of the earth,

Past and present.

The soil, these granules of sand,

This sacred ground in which I lay my knees tonight.

Sthira Sukham Asanam

Yoga Sutra 2.46: Sthira Sukham Asanam

4-up on 2012-09-28 at 16.56 #4


Asanam – just one of eight limbs of what the west has deemed Yoga. I’ve been deeply effected by the fact that every single class here that I teach, somebody comes to me and either says, “my friend was too scared to come,” or, “I’m not bendy, I can’t really do yoga well but I will try….” And the thing is, is that these are all westerners that have come to say this in class. If you ask an indian what asanam is, they look at you like you are crazy. Surely, I am glad that the US has found a new exercise regimen, but at the cost of a sacred eight limbed practice, and the cost of the peoples minds who think they are not good enough if they are not achieving this exercise ‘correctly.’


In my opinion, yoga has been almost completely lost, because, the person who can barely do downward facing dog, but is practicing with a focused mind and is working towards a goal is doing yoga more than the person next to them doing a crazy handstand variation while in lotus to prove they can and then leave the class the same person. It is a moving meditation, for whatever body you are in. A chance to look deep within the physiology of the body and mind to explore what’s happening for you.


Not sugar coating it, this idea that you have to be bendy, or that you are not as good at yoga as the person next to you doing a handstand makes me want to scream


To save the world a long rant, I will just say this;


The point of asana is to find a comfortable seated position, in order to meditate and calm the mind without disturbance of the mind from the body being tight, stiff, poisened. The point of asana is to cleanse, detox, strengthen, and lengthen the body so that we can lead a happy fulfilling life, and achieve greater things with good health, maybe Samadhi some day, the connection to the universe where there is no duality and your mind is free.


Yoga sutra 2.46 actually defines Asana as “A comfortable seated position.”  That’s it. That is the purpose of asana, and the eight other limbs of Astanga Yoga. 


So please, please, I beg with all of my heart, know that yoga is a journey that anyone can begin, at any age, at any stage, and it never ends. It is not complete when you achieve the splits or put your legs behind your head… sure you may look cool, but that alone does not bring you true joy and peace.