The Silent Walk


The Silent Walk

We work in a world that is not tangible to most. It is a world that makes those who come in contact with it question themselves and the world around them. Things come clear that we cannot see with the busy eye. It is a world completely undiscovered by those who have not ventured into the wild. The wild of themselves. It is not a biodegradable chemical that a chemist can create in a lab and touch on gross level. It is not the counseling you receive from the average college graduate in psychology.

It is the deep psychology of the part of you that is fearful of yourself.
It is the psychology of the ecosystem of your body, reflected in nature.
It is a woman, who has been raped, and faces her demons in the dark of the night and returns victorious sobbing with tears of power.
It is a boy who has deep wounds from his mother who returns a man.
It is a child who has never been seen, be seen.
It is an addict who see’s the sunrise sober for the first time in 10 years, and is changed forever.
It is these wounds that are healed one by one that make this world a better place as a one being, connected.

Remember that, the greatest people in history have been the ones who were made a joke when they spoke about their outrageous ideas that nobody could see. It is the visionaries that have the boldness to set forth a path that is not yet accepted or seen by others. Galileo was ridiculed for years about his geocentric model, for saying we rotated around the sun. George Mendel was ignored for decades about his discovery of genetic inheritance. Scientists now try to change humans by manipulating these very genes before we are even born.

This is not a traditional education, this is an experiential education. Imagine, how absurd fire must have seemed to the humans paving the way for us and our microwaves. Know, how absurd it seems to jump and sing and give thanks for the harvest in this modern American society, and also know that all over the world there is still singing and dancing in celebration of food, seeds, and soil that nourishes their soul and gives them life. They are giving thanks to the silent symphony always singing, they give the symphony a human voice. We give the symphony a human voice.

Our work is not well known, it is not admirable to many, and it is not for those who like the spotlight. Those lucky enough to receive the teachings of the plants, the sun, our ancestors, the unseen force of love and healing, it is a blessing and an obligation to fulfill, in my opinion.

Keep singing, sing loud, for your voice is indeed carried on through time, through valleys, through the creeks and rivers. You are the symphony being conducted by the great mother, father sky, and the wind of the spirits all around you.

Be strong, be truthful to yourself in this beckoning call. “It can be a very lonely path”, a teacher once said said to me, “it is a path of service.”

Hari Om Tat Sat 



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