Yoni Mudra: Your Creative Potential


Hello all!

Asana ( physical practice ) is intended to prepare us for meditation. To clear the energy channels and open the body so that we can sit more comfortably. I had a class of all women the other day and offered a Yoni Mudra meditation at the end, and it was incredible, we all just stayed there.. in respect, in silence, in observation, in potential. Yoni in sanskrit actually stands for “the womb” or “the life force”… 


This meditation is not just for women to do, it is also for men who want to be connected to this Yin energy, the womb. I offer this wonderful meditative mudra to anyone open to trying meditation, or sitting.. these aren’t limited to home, either! Sometimes, when I feel I need to connect with my Yin, calming energy, I will pull this out in my car… in a park… etc.

Sit down in a comfortable position, cross legged if you can, interlace your fingers releasing your index and thumbs as pictured above, and rotate your hands so your index fingers are pointing down. You can either rest your mudra on your lap, or hold it wherever you feel called to. Heart, Belly, Womb.. you get the point.

Yoga has been proven to lighten up the right side of our brains, our creativity. This mudra and meditation is a chance to connect to not only to the divine woman that we are, but the creativity that can flow as well. Tap in!

On a similar note, I read this beautiful reading from the book “Ayurveda for Women” by Dr. Robert E. Svoboda, it is a great  book if you are interested in Ayurvedic medicine as a woman, and for understanding the importance of our bodies and cycles in creativity and grounding.

” Your Creative Potential”

Menstruation is itself a seasonal purification – a way a woman’s bodies and minds have of purifying themselves each month. Nature provides women with this serve for her own purposes, of course. She wants healthy children, to which end there is no substitute for healthy mothers.  A wise woman will work with Nature to take advantage of this natural monthly cleansing, so that both she and Nature can achieve their goals.  Nature does not want you to become pregnant each month; she does not even insist that you become pregnant at all. She does request, though, that your body and mind remain in regular contact with their roots, in that creativity in which females alone possess. Nature is happy for you to use your formative ability in any way you feel fit – for yourself or for others, to generate or to repair, to create or procreate. She becomes so pleased when you use that power to assist others, whether those others belong to you or not, that she will contribute her own power to you to addd to your own creativity. When you cute yourself off from your wellspring, you block Natures efforts to help and heal you – and this blockage will often display itself most vividly as some impediment in your menstrual flow.”