A Prayer to the Arabian Sea


And so it was

A day of pain, sorrow, and the unknown

And so it is a moon to make an offering

To this great abyss, this ocean of mystery and potential.

I walk, I tread lightly

so as to not disturb the mother too much.

Quiet, so she can hear my prayer.

Sweet mother I offer you this cedar oil,

In hopes you may offer it back to my flesh and soul as strength,

For the times to come.

May it find me again, be a wave, a river, rain, or

the sweet morning dew.

Sweet mother, I offer this feather,

As you may carry it as swiftly or slowly as you please,

As guidance to a dear friend,

By spirit of the eagle.

Sweet mother I offer you this turmeric,

So that you may help heal the wounds split open

By my presence,

And may it also heal any other being in need.

May you bless all the people of the earth,

Past and present.

The soil, these granules of sand,

This sacred ground in which I lay my knees tonight.


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