Nothing is Seperate. Simhasana.


Notice something about these photos? We are not so different from these precious animals. See above lions pose; Lions pose  (sim-HAHS-anna)
(simha = lion) 
helps relieve tension in the chest and face, but also stimulates the platysma muscle and helps keep it firm as we age. The platysma is a flat, thin, rectangular muscle on the front of the throat that pulls down on the corners of the mouth and wrinkles the skin of the neck when contracted.

  I have long known that my practice is partly an attempt at finding the animal in myself, while being in this amazing human body. Yoga pretty recently became the madhouse of books that it is, but if you go to india, you see thousand year old sculptures of yogis in the mountains trying their best to embody and create an asana practice that is beneficial to the mind body and soul – it’s no wonder animals and nature played such a big role in this. Similar to the creation of Jazz in the forests of Louisiana, how sweet it is, how connected we are and our ability to affect and be affected by other creatures.

An Excerpt to close:

“Nothing is separate. To make separation is to introduce a false vision and to begin the process of deception which itself leads to a distorting of the universe.

We are, at one and the same time, one leg of the triad of heaven, earth and humanity, central to the stability of change in the entire universe, and we are just one aspect of the Tao manifest in the physical world – on par with mountains and insects, for we are all the same.”

– Martin Palmer; Yin and Yang


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